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Auslan Services offer the highest quality and most efficient solutions for a high demand service. Our fees are the most affordable Australia wide.

Our Service Agreement can be viewed below here:

FEES (hourly rates excluding GST)

SERVICES Minimum charge Business Hours
(8.00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday)
Hourly rate After Hours rate
Auslan Interpreting $187.00 $93.50 $120.00
Court Interpreting $220.00 $110.00 $120.00
NDIS Bookings $244.00 $122.00 $122.00
Video Remote Interpreting $187.00 $93.50 $120.00
Notetaking $55.00 $27.50 $66.00

*After Hours is Monday to Friday 6pm to 8am, weekends and public holidays.


For more information, please read our┬áService Agreement – click here to view ┬╗