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The consequent Hyperthyroid individuals are nervous and emotionally rise in cAMP in follicular cells produces effects similar to irritable micronase 5 mg with mastercard diabetes mellitus renal failure, with a compulsion to be constantly moving those caused by the action of TSH buy cheap micronase 2.5 mg online diabetes type 2 untreated. However, they also experience physical weakness larges to form a diffuse toxic goiter, which synthesizes and and fatigue. Basal metabolic rate is increased and, as a re- secretes thyroid hormones at an accelerated rate, causing sult, body heat production is increased. Vasodilation in thyroid hormones to be chronically elevated in the blood. Energy metabolism increases, as Less common conditions that cause chronic elevations does appetite. However, despite the increase in food in- in circulating thyroid hormones include adenomas of the take, a net degradation of protein and lipid stores occurs, thyroid gland that secrete thyroid hormones and excessive resulting in weight loss. All of these changes can be re- TSH secretion caused by malfunctions of the hypothala- versed by reducing the rate of thyroid hormone secretion mic-pituitary-thyroid axis. The disease state that develops with drugs or by removal of the thyroid gland by radioac- in response to excessive thyroid hormone secretion, called tive ablation or surgery. REVIEW QUESTIONS DIRECTIONS: Each of the numbered (A) Stimulation of endocytosis of (E) Stimulation of the binding of T4 items or incomplete statements in this thyroglobulin stored in the colloid and T3 to thyroxine-binding globulin section is followed by answers or by (B) Release of a large pool of T4 and (F) Increased cAMP hydrolysis completions of the statement. A child is born with a rare disorder in ONE lettered answer or completion that is cell which the thyroid gland does not the BEST in each case. What would be the from the thyroglobulin stored in the predicted effects on mental ability, body 1. The effects of TSH on thyroid colloid growth rate, and thyroid gland size follicular cells include (D) Increase in perfusion by the blood when the child reaches 6 years of age? A 25-year-old woman complains of than normal generate heat weight loss, heat intolerance, excessive (B) Mental ability would be unaffected, (D) Are present exclusively in brown fat sweating, and weakness. TSH and body growth rate would be slowed, (E) Uncouple fatty acid oxidation from thyroid hormones are elevated, goiter and thyroid gland size would be glucose oxidation in mitochondria is present, but no antithyroid smaller than normal (F) Are essential for maintaining body antibodies are detected. Which of the (C) Mental ability would be impaired, temperature in mammals following diagnoses is consistent with body growth rate would be slowed, 5. Molecular and structural biology of and thyroid gland size would be deiodination of T4 in pituitary thyroid hormone receptors. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Laboratory findings include TSH 10 (A) Mental ability would remain Wilkins, 2000. These improved, and thyroid gland size thyroid hormones at the cellular level: findings are most consistent with a would be smaller than normal The mitochondrial target. FEBS Lett diagnosis of (B) Mental ability would be improved, 1999;452:115–120. The thy- hypothalamic-pituitary defect and thyroid gland size would be (B) Hyperthyroidism secondary to a roid gland. In: Wilson JD, Foster DW, normal hypothalamic-pituitary defect Kronenberg HM, Larsen PR, eds: (C) Mental ability would remain (C) Hyperthyroidism as a result of Williams Textbook of Endocrinology. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, improved, and thyroid gland size (D) Hypothyroidism as a result of 1998. Thyroid hormone and develop- (D) Mental ability would remain (E) Hypothyroidism as a result of ment: Brain and peripheral tissue In: impaired, body growth rate would be iodine deficiency Hauser P, Rovet J, eds. Thyroid Dis- improved, and thyroid gland size (F) Hyperthyroidism as a result of eases of Infancy and Childhood. Wash- would be larger than normal autoimmune thyroid disease ington, DC: American Psychiatric (E) Mental ability would be improved, 7. Mechanisms of slowed, and thyroid gland size would (A) Produces hydrogen peroxide as an thyroid hormone action. Biological activities of body growth rate would remain to form an iodothyronine residue thyroid hormone receptors. Eur J En- slowed, and thyroid gland size would (C) Occurs on the basal membrane of docrinol 1997;137:433–445. Uncoupling proteins (D) Catalyzes the release of thyroid hormone and other regulators of un- (A) Utilize the proton gradient across hormones into the circulation coupling proteins.

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It seems as though family physicians live their entire professional lives under a micro- scope effective micronase 5mg metabolic disease epidemic. The stresses under which they live and work direct their attention away from clinical medicine and increase the chance for error order micronase 5mg free shipping blood glucose 80 mg dl. As gatekeepers, family physicians are expected to make the correct diagnosis in a cost-effec- tive manner. As referring physicians, they are expected to make timely referrals to appropriate specialists. As treating physicians, they are held to the standards of each relevant specialty. UNFORESEEN LEGAL PITFALLS Under the doctrine of vicarious liability, a family physician can be held liable for the actions of another physician when a patient reason- Chapter 8 / Risk Management 91 ably believes that there is a financial or professional relationship between them. Independent physicians who share waiting rooms or office space are at risk. To avoid misunderstandings, physicians in these situations should make their independence clear to patients. A clearly written statement signed by the patient may prevent future litigation. California law (Civil Code Section 2300) states that ostensible agency occurs “when the principal intentionally, or by want of ordi- nary care, causes a third party to believe another to be his agent who is not really employed by him. It is important for family physicians to seek the advice of their attor- neys to avoid the trap of ostensible agency. STANDARD-OF-CARE CONCERNS The challenge created by the accelerating rate of medical advance is especially relevant to primary care physicians. Patients expect them to be aware of new diagnostic and treatment modalities. The family phy- sician is required to meet the standard of care regarding each patient. It is usually defined as that which a competent physician would do under the same circumstances. It is significant that the competent physician need not be in the same specialty or in the same community as the family physician in question. Therefore, it is incumbent on the family physician to be both up to date and to know his or her limitations. Three that are frequently cited in litigation are American Family Physician, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and The New England Journal of Medicine. ALLEGATION CONCERNS Many physicians are intimidated by the increasing number of rules, regulations, and potential penalties thrust on them. There is no end to the number of new physician responsibilities they devise. To make matters worse, “hired guns,” phy- sicians who will testify to anything for a price, are always a threat. It is important for the physician to be an active member of the medical com- munity by taking advantage of the expertise offered by county, state, and national medical societies; and by participating in hospital staff proceedings. As a defendant in a medical malpractice suit, the physician must work very closely with his or her insurer and defense attorney. Helping one’s defense attorney discredit a hired gun can lead to a verdict for the defense. RULES TO BE OBEYED “First do no harm” is a rule as old as the practice of medicine itself. Equally important is the rule that the dignity of the patient must be preserved. Physicians who fail to abide by these rules may find them- selves defendants in indefensible lawsuits. For example, there is the case of an educated woman who presented to her physician with a chief complaint of rectal bleeding.

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Our subject is bicycling on a long road New York: McGraw-Hill buy generic micronase 5 mg yahoo diabetic diet soda, 2001;91–94 order 5 mg micronase otc diabetes knee pain. A manual laborer moves in March from metabolic rate (M in the heat-balance heat biophysics and physiology. In: Canada to a hot, tropical country and equation) is 800 W (48 kJ/min). Handbook becomes acclimatized by working performs mechanical work (against of Physiology. New York: Oxford his responses on the first few days in at a rate of 140 W. Interaction of body temperatures activity level after acclimatization one transfer coefficient, is 15 W/(m2• C). In: Fregly MJ, Blatteis (A) Core temperature is 34 C, all the sweat he secretes is CM, eds. Cardiovascular In questions 7 to 8, assume a 70-kg (Remember that 1 W 1 J/sec adjustments to heat stress. Our subject begins an 8-hour hike in SUGGESTED READING and Electrolyte Metabolism. Human Performance Physiology After the end of his hike he rests and ology. New York: Oxford University and Environmental Medicine at Terres- consumes 3 L of water. The respiratory system responds predictably to increased chronic physiological responses can be predicted. In healthy individuals, muscle fatigue during exercise is the physiological responses to exercise. Chronic physical activity enhances insulin sensitivity and namic and isometric exercise. Defined ultimately Dynamic Exercise in terms of skeletal muscle contraction, exercise involves every organ system in coordinated response to increased Dynamic exercise is defined as skeletal muscle contractions muscular energy demands. Fundamental to any discussion of dynamic exercise is a description of its intensity. Since dynamically exercising muscle primarily generates energy from oxidative metabo- THE QUANTIFICATION OF EXERCISE lism, a traditional standard is to measure, by mouth, the Exercise is as varied as it is ubiquitous. This meas- exercise, or “acute” exercise, may provoke responses differ- urement is limited to dynamic exercise and usually to the ent from the adaptations seen when activity is chronic— steady state, when exercise intensity and oxygen consump- that is, during training. First, the type of muscle contraction (isometric, rhythmic) all influ- centrality of oxygen usage to work output gave rise to the ence the body’s responses and adaptations. Second, the apparent These many aspects of exercise imply that its interaction excess in oxygen consumption during the first minutes of with disease is multifaceted. There is no simple answer as to recovery has been termed the oxygen debt (Fig. In fact, physical activity “excess” oxygen consumption of recovery results from a can be healthful, harmful, or irrelevant, depending on the multitude of physiological processes and little usable infor- patient, the disease, and the specific exercise in question. Third, and more 551 552 PART VIII TEMPERATURE REGULATION AND EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY O2 deficit Steady state chondrion reaches its capacity at about the same time. Iso- Resting level metric work intensity is usually described as a percentage of 0. Analogous to work levels relative to maximal oxy- Time (min) gen uptake, the ability to endure isometric effort, and many Oxygen uptake before, during, and after physiological responses to that effort, are predictable when FIGURE 30. For prolonged work, this energy is sup- although it can be increased by appropriate training. This maximal oxygen uptake is a useful but imperfect predictor plied by the oxidation of foodstuff, with the oxygen carried of the ability to perform prolonged dynamic external work to working muscles by the cardiovascular system. Maximal oxygen uptake is decreased, all else being equal, Blood Flow Is Preferentially Directed to by age, bed rest, or increased body fat.

Mammograms are involved in the majority of breast cancer cases and are the most common source of malpractice claims against radi- ologists buy micronase 2.5 mg visa diabetes mellitus hyponatremia. Allegations can be divided into two broad areas: communi- cation and interpretation buy micronase 2.5 mg with visa diabetes generic test strips. Communication errors involve transmittal of correctly interpreted findings and are usually obvious and problem- atic. Mammography was performed in 77 of the 80 patients in the TDC study, and in 30 patients, the mammogram was pivotal to the outcome of the claim. What was unexpected is that interpretation error was the key factor in only 9 claims (30%). The high frequency of allegations of misinterpretation by the radiologist can be explained by several factors. Chapter 12 / Breast Cancer Litigation 157 • The inherent difficulty in interpreting the complex and often non- specific findings, particularly in women under age 40 (reading a mammogram has been likened to detecting a snowball in a blizzard). Currently, mammograms have a cancer-detection sensitivity of approx 80%. This means that one in five cancers will not be detected on a mammogram, either because it is simply not visible (radiographic false-negative) or because the radiologist fails to see it or sees it but incorrectly interprets it as benign (physician error). Large studies show that radiologists vary by as much as 40% in their ability to detect mammographically visible cancers. In one study, prior mammograms were reviewed retrospectively and 54% indicated the presence of a lesion that might have been interpreted as suspicious for cancer (6). Of these, however, 44% would still have been labeled negative if read in a blinded fashion. The remaining 70% of the mammogram-related claims in the TDC study involved communication error, and nearly all were preventable. In these cases, there was a failure to carry a correct radiographic inter- pretation of possible cancer through the necessary steps that lead to a definitive diagnosis. Despite the myriad pressures of daily medical practice, such lapses are difficult to defend in court. The clinical cir- cumstances of these lapses vary from case to case, and in some the patient bore significant responsibility; however, in each instance a positive mammography finding did not receive appropriate attention. Given the fact that even in the best of hands and using the best available equipment, 15–20% of breast cancers will not be detected by screening mammography, it is critical to institute measures to eliminate these preventable errors. Delay in Diagnosis The majority of claims involving breast cancer involve allegations of delayed diagnosis. However, to be successful a malpractice claim must prove more than a breach in the standard of care that resulted in later diagnosis. It must also be shown that the patient suffered harm as a result of the delay. If the delay is long enough for the cancer to 158 Anderson and Troxel metastasize, the harm is apparent because metastatic breast cancer is essentially incurable. In this series, only 1 of the 80 claimants had metastatic disease at the time of initial diagnosis. In the other 79 cases, inferences about potential harm were made from the size of the cancer and the status of the regional lymph nodes at the time of actual diagnosis compared to their hypothetical status at the time of “missed” diagnosis. Ten litigated cases alleged delays of less than 6 months; 9 of 10 of these cases were won by the defense. This seems a surprisingly large number of claims alleging such a short period of delay. There are several potential explanations: • If the patient is the initial discoverer of the lump, she may resent even very brief “delays” in definitive diagnosis. Too often, patients undergoing annual mammography believe that they should not get breast cancer at all. In our society, there is an increasingly widespread belief that all adversity should be com- pensated.

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